For Bratislava Bmove supports purchase:

All discounts apply in the app by rules (Bonus Card, EV, etc).

Currently not supported in Bratislava: full company support, shared payment

Account registration process

Download the app on your smartphone via the App Store, Google Play or App Gallery then register or login as a Guest. There are several options for registration. You can register for the application via e-mail, Facebook or Google account or with an Apple ID

Once you register account with email, you need to verify the email. Click the link in your inbox and continue to use the app.

Add vehicles

In your profile you can easily add new vehicles. You need to enter the license plate and you can add vehicle description.

It is possible to add more than one vehicle to the app.

Add credit card

Registering a card:

Visa and Mastercard can be used for permanent storage. With permanent storage, you save your card in the mobile application and you will not have to enter card data and go through 3D secure for every purchase. After that, the stored card will be visible in the payment methods.

To save the card, go to Payments (profile icon in the upper right corner -> Payment), press the "+ Add new card" button, select the desired card and fill in your information. You will then need to go through 3D secure process if required by your card. When you resolve this, the entered card will be available on your account.

One-time payment:

Credit cards can be used for one-time payment also (without saving it to your account). When using a one-time payment, each time you make a purchase you need to enter the card details and go through 3D secure process that you receive with your card token or through the mobile application from mobile banking. With a one-time payment, you enter your card details during the purchase process:

Select Bratislava from cities list

To buy a parking ticket in Bratislava you need to select Bratislava from cities list on the first screen when you enter the app. If you have your location services enabled, Bratislava will show you as your current location when you open Bmove app.

On-street purchase

In Bratislava you can buy hourly tickets for on-street parking (by 1 min and 30 min steps).

Select Bratislava from city list and select hourly and daily ticket option from Home screen. Choose the vehicle for which you want to buy a parking ticket and the zone. Then select period - number of minutes you want to pay for parking. Last step before buying is to select payment method.

Visitor Card setup/ additional email setup

Book parking for your visitors if you are a registered resident with active Visitor Card.

On the first screen you select Visitor card. You will see your active visitor card and you will need to enter registration plate for the vehicle you want to buy ticket for. After that the procedure is the same as when buying an hourly parking ticket.

In the case that you select Visitor card and you have no visitor card, you need to add new one.

If you registered for visitor card with different e-mail than Bmove app, in this step you will need to add additional email (the email which you have use for registration for Visitor card). Additional emails you can also add through your Profile and then select Account.